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Befriender - Forums » Writers Corner » Poet's Place » Broken Promises
Broken Promises
KaciLynnDate: Sunday, 2010-07-18, 7:01 PM | Message # 1
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So theres this girl and boy in my sight. Shes not too pretty but extremely sweet. Hes not the cutest but hes strong and he would do anything for her. Or so she thought. They had many late night talks that left her exhausted the next day. During these talks she felt he was right there lying next to her. He said he felt the same. He would tell her that he loved her more than any girl he had ever been with. she was his angel, his one true love, his soul mate. And the girl believed him. She might have been stupid, or maybe he put a spell on her. No one knows. This girl fell so deeply in love with this boy that when he said he wanted to marry her there was only one answer. Yes. They had it all planned out. He would turn 17 the first of the month so he could come live in her town. She would turn 15 on the 19th and that was the big day. He would show up at her house, she would answer the door, he would dropp to one knee, she would tear up, he would ask her to marry him, she would say yes, he would slide the ring onto her finger and then theyd hug and spend hours together happy to finally be in one anothers arms. Well its the day after that poor girls birthday and she has no ring and no true love. What happened? January 3rd of that year, she cals him and asks why he has been ignoring her. This time he doesnt say that hes just been busy like the last few calls. He informs her that he has found someone new and that she just isnt right for her. 'But you said I was your angel, that I was your forever! ' she cries tears stinging her eyes. 'I know. I lied.' he says like it means nothing. She asks if they can still be friends and he simply says that friends are too much drama. She wishes him the best with his life and hangs up. When she hung up that phone she hung up her life. This boy had become every part of her. 'We have done this before, ' she assures herself, 'he will certainly come back.' But it is three months later and the day after their day and he has not said a word to this poor girl. She misses him but she knows that she should not. 'I guess I am just destined to be alone.' she tells herself. She knows this is not true but how could something so great end so badly? I dont know how but it happened. I saw it first hand. This is my story.

Tears are my motivation, music my inspiration. <|3
Befriender - Forums » Writers Corner » Poet's Place » Broken Promises
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